Deo Gloria, LLC  

This is the corporate home page of Deo Gloria, LLC, a Roswell, Georgia (USA) company established in January 2002.  Deo Gloria means "To God be the Glory" and we chose the name as an ever-present reminder that the goal of everything we do as a company should, in some way, bring glory to God.   God willing, the company will also fund our daily bread!

The directors of Deo Gloria, LLC are Dennis and Deelee Freeman. Dennis has an MA in Psychology and spent most of his career in high-tech sales and marketing.  Deelee has an MA in Communications and has worked in a range of business consulting, training and human resources roles for financial and technology firms.

Our core business revolves around in-home tutoring:

  • In-Home Tutors, which since 2002 has provided tutors in all subjects to more than 7,500 students of all ages throughout the metro Atlanta region and Athens, Georgia.  An Orlando office was opened in  September 2007 (read the news release) and offices serving Connecticut and Metro Detroit were established in September 2008. Nashville was added in 2009, Dallas in 2011 (press release) and Tampa in July 2018 (press release).
  • HomeworkCoach, established to focus on the "homework coach" methodology for tutoring ADHD students, proven effective with hundreds of In-Home Tutors clients.  Read the news release.

Mailing Address: 4629 Clary Lakes Dr, Roswell, GA 30075. Tel: 877-715-5442 Email:

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